Evergrey - A Decade And A Half

Release date: 25.11.2011

Since the band arrived on the scene with their first album in 1998, progressive melodic metal band Evergrey have brought out eight studio albums and one live cut. All of them made the top 20 in their native Sweden and the last two made the top 10. On top of that, their DVD “A Night To Remember” was number 1 for four weeks and nominated for a Grammy in Sweden. For their last single “Wrong” they received a gold award in April 2011 for over 10.000 sold copies in Sweden.
The band has toured around the globe several times, together with In Flames, Nevermore, Throwdown, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom and Iced Earth, among others. In 2011 they toured successfully in Europe with Kamelot and in the USA with Sabaton.

01. The Masterplan (taken from "In Search Of Truth")
02. Blackened Dawn (Live) (taken from "A Night To Remember")
03. Rulers Of The Mind (taken from "In Search Of Truth")
04. A Touch Of Blessing (taken from "The Inner Circle")
05. Frozen taken (from "Glorious Colission")
06. For Every Tear That Falls (Live) (taken from "A Night To Remember")
07. More Than Ever (taken from "The Inner Circle")
08. Blinded (taken from "Recreation Day")
09. Faith Restored (taken from "The Inner Circle")
10. These Scars (taken from "Torn")
11. Broken Wings (taken from "Torn")
12. Words Mean Nothing (taken from "Solitude, DomiNance & Tragedy")
13. Wrong (live) (unplugged - previously unreleased)

01.The Great Deceiver (taken from "Recreation Day")
02. Monday Morning Apocalypse (taken from "Monday Morning Apocalypse")
03. Wrong (taken from "Glorious Colission")
04. Waking Up Blind (Live) (taken from "A Night To Remember")
05. Solitude Within (taken from "Solitude, Dominance & Tragedy")
06. Recreation Day (taken from "Recreation Day")
07. Still In The Water (taken from "Monday Morning Apocalypse")
08. Leave It Behind Us (taken from "Glorious Colission")
09. Fear (taken from "Torn")
10. When The Walls Go Down (Live) (taken from "A Night To Remember")
11. Frozen (Live) (unplugged - previously unreleased)

Pressing Information

- 2 standard CD´s in jewel case

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