Assassin - Chaos And Live Shots

Release date: 23.11.2012

Not only were Assassin’s two furioso shows caught on camera, but also the every-day madness this chaos squad lives with. So should the world not come to an end after all, you will be able to watch all this and much more on double DVD. Chaos And Live Shots is the title of that footage (which is anything but confidential), presenting a thoroughly anarchistic band.

01. Interviews und Band Doku

01. Breaking the Silence (Live)
02. A.G.D. (Live)
03. Junkfood (Live)
04. Abstract War (Live)
05. Bushwackers (Live)
06. Pipeline (Live)
07. Nemesis (Live)
08. Assassin (Live)
09. Baka (Live)
10. I like Cola (Live)
11. Fight (Live)
12. The Last Man (Live)
13. Bullests (Live)

Pressing Information

- 2 DVD´s in digipak

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