Raven - Rock Until You Drop

Release date: 21.06.2013

It`s now 32 years ago since their first album "Rock Until You Drop" was released and during this time Raven definetly influenced a lot of bands. Who played their first tour at the east coast in the USA as support to Raven?: Metallica. Who played their first gigs ever as support to Raven?: Anthrax. The list goes on and on.........ask Mille of Kreator or Tom Angelripper of Sodom..both will say that Raven was a big influence on their musical careers.

01. Firepower
02. Crash Bang Wallop
03. All For One
04. Die For Allah
05. White Hot Anger
06. Mind Over Metal
07. Rock Until You Drop
08. Gimme A Break

01. Tyrant Of The Airways
02. Crazy World
03. Hell Patrol
04. Hellraiser/Action
05. Lambs To The Slaughter
06. Live At The Inferno
07. Faster Than The Speed Of Light
08. On & On
09. Architect Of Fear
10. The King

Pressing Information

- 2 DVD´s in digipak

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