Sodom - In War And Pieces

Release date: 19.11.2010

Sodom’s first tentative steps on the scene date back to the year 1982. Be it the early demo tapes, their In The Sign Of Evil-EP (Steamhammer), their 1996 debut album Obsessed By Cruelty: Sodom intimidated the world at large from the very beginning. Two years and one album later, the band toured Europe with the likes of Whiplash, recording the live cut Mortal Way Of Life at the legendary Tor 3 in Düsseldorf in the process. In Agent Orange, the band from Gelsenkirchen in the Ruhr area unleashed a milestone of the genre. Sodom toured all over the world, travelled Europe repeatedly and played a number of successful gigs in Japan and South America. Albums like Better Off Dead (1990) or Tapping The Vein (1992) manifested the success of the band, who – despite a number of personnel changes – managed to maintain their characteristic sound, mainly thanks to bassist and vocalist Tom Angelripper. Throughout the Nineties, Sodom lost none of their authenticity on albums like Masquerade In Blood or ’Til Death Do Us Unite, remaining firmly grounded and never losing touch with their roots. With their 1999 release Code Red, a title that refers to the US Marines’ infamous punishment code, the trio consisting of Angelripper/Bernemann/Schottkowski proved as politically committed as ever. This tradition was continued in 2001 with an “educational journey” to the Far East, namely two shows in Bangkok and Saigon and the explosive subject matter of their album, M 16. Subsequently, Sodom embarked on the preparations for their first DVD, Lords Of Depravity Part I (the sequel came out a few months ago), went on to bring out another studio album in Sodom (2006), and continue to sound as uncompromising and multi-faceted as ever on In War And Pieces.

01.In War And Pieces
02. Hellfire
03. Through Toxic Veins
04. Nothing Counts More Than Blood
05. Storm Raging Up
06. Feigned Death Throes
07. Soul Contraband
08. God Bless You
09. The Art Of Killing Poetry
10. Knarrenheinz
11. Styptic Parasite

LP 1
Side A
01. In War And Pieces
02. Hellfire
03. Through Toxic Veins

Side B
01. Nothing Counts More Than Blood
02. Storm Raging Up
03. Feigned Death Throes

LP 2
Side A
01. Soul Contraband
02. God Bless You
03. The Art Of Killing Poetry

Side B
01. Knarrenheinz
02. Styptic Parasite
03. Murder One (bonus track)

Pressing Information

- standard CD in jewel case
- 2 LP´s in gatefold (blood red)

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