Sodom - Self-titled

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Release date: 21.04.2006

All major classics of German thrash metal are tantamount to a creed: the musicians stand by their musical genre in every respect, breathing its raw stance and sweating its energy from every pore. This scene doesn’t do things by halves, and Sodom hold a very special position in the history of this musical direction. Since the early Eighties, band mastermind Tom Angelripper has sailed his band into the wind of an increasingly difficult market, continuing to take an uncompromising stand in his lyrics. Sodom`s Agent Orange was the first German thrash metal release to make the official Media Control Charts in 1989, and their 2001 recording, M 16, is considered one of the most important thrash albums of the past few years. April 24, 2006, (Germany: April 21; US: May 9) will see the arrival of the group’s latest release, featuring the simple and unequivocal title, Sodom. The record sounds the way its succinct moniker suggests: pure, direct, full of energy.

01. Blood On Your Lips
02. Wanted Dead
03. Buried In The Justice Ground
04. City Of God
05. Bibles And Guns
06. Axis Of Evil
07. Lords Of Depravity
08. No Captures
09. Lay Down The Law
10. Nothing To Regret
11. The Enemy Inside

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- standard CD in jewel case, poster

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