Hammercult - Steelcrusher

Release date: 24.01.2014

Again the five musicians from Israel have relied not only on yet another variation of the classic thrash metal theme but have added a fresher, more contemporary and forward-looking perspective to the genre. Shochat: “A lot of other young thrash acts simply emulate their idols, but we play thrash the way it should sound today: extreme, ultra-hard and enhanced with other stylistic devices such as death metal, punk, black metal and hardcore. It’s like a mixture of old Running Wild and Kreator on steroids!”

01. Hymn To The Steel (Intro)
02. Steelcrusher
03. Metal Rules Tonight
04. Into Hell
05. We Are The People
06. Burning The Road
07. Ironbound
08. Unholy Art
09. Satanic Lust
10. Liar
11. Damnation Arise
12. Heading For War
13. In The Name Of The Fallen

Pressing Information

- standard CD in jewel case

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