Biohazard - Means To An End

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Release date: 29.08.2005

Biohazard have always been controversial, as well as radical and uncompromising. The message of their lyrics rigorously documents the way they see themselves and their provocative, critical attitude towards the US establishment. “The guys with money are gangsters, dealers or part of the Mafia. What does that tell young people? That the American dream is a pile of shit,” reads a statement from one of their most renowned interviews. Two and a half years after the arrival of Kill Or Be Killed, their latest album, Means To An End, is ready for release, celebrating this unconventional band’s familiar hard-as-nails mix of hardcore, metal, punk and heavy drum attacks. Biohazard enlisted the renowned cover artist Ioannis to design the artwork of their current release.

01. My Life, My Way
02. The Fire Burns Inside
03. Killing To Be Free
04. Filled With Hate
05. Devotion
06. Break It Away From Me
07. Kings Never Die
08. Don't Stand Alone
09. To The Grave
10. Set Me Free

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- standard CD in jewel case