Kyle Gass Band - Self-titled (CD+shirt Bundle)

Release date: 17.04.2015

What does KG do when he’s not playing with the Greatest Band in the World? He assembles an otherworldly super-team of badass dudes to back him up in his own project, The Kyle Gass Band.

Along with The D’s longtime electric guitarist, John Konesky, resident Sasquatch and guitarist/vocalist, Mike Bray, mythical bass legend,“Uncle Jazz” and percussion genius/international heart-throb Tim Spier, the rollicking gentlemanly ensemble traverses hill and dale to bring earth-shattering rock and roll to the wanting 100`s.

01. Manchild
02. Dying Day
03. Bro Ho
04. Our Job To Rock
05. Tremendous
06. Ram Damn Bunctious
07. Questionable
08. Getting The Band Back Together
09. Road Chops
10. Gypsy Scroll

Pressing Information

- standard CD in jewel case

- men shirt in M, L, XL and XXL

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