Alpha Tiger - Self-titled

Release date: 25.08.2017

All ten songs (plus intro) on the new album are proof of this outstanding vocal performance. Be it the dynamic ´Comatose` with its powerful groove or ´If The Sun Refused To Shine`, which dates back to the early days of iDENTITY but wasn’t completed in time. Its dominating guitar delay effects pick up one last time the predecessor album’s distinct space effect. In contrast, there’s the atmospherically quiet ´Aurora`, representative of Alpha Tiger’s new stylistic direction. “´Aurora` sees an integration of 70s influences into our music without allowing a retro flair to emerge. The song with its haunting vocal line and the distorted guitars stands for Alpha Tiger’s stylistic future,” explains Langforth, who came to terms with his own emotional state during the production process. The same applies to ´Feather In The Wind`, a track that Langforth composed directly after the previous Alpha Tiger frontman had quit the group, which helped him to put a particularly difficult phase of his musical career behind him for good.

01. Road To Vega
02. Comatose
03. Feather In The Wind
04. Singularity
05. Aurora
06. To Wear A Crown
07. Vice
08. Welcome To Devil's Town
09. My Dear Old Friend
10. If The Sun Refused To Shine
11. The Last Encore

LP 1
Side A
01. Road To Vega
02. Comatose
03. Feather In The Wind

Side B
01. Singularity
02. Aurora
03. To Wear A Crown

LP 2
Side A
01. Vice
02. Welcome To Devil's Town
03. My Dear Old Friend

Side B
01. If The Sun Refused To Shine
02. The Last Encore

Pressing Information

- standard CD in digipak
- 2 LP´s in gatefold (black), standard CD in cardboard sleeve

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