Suzi Quatro - No Control

Release date: 29.03.2019

For example on ‘No Soul/No Control’, the first single to be released which features the message “Don`t let go of yourself for anyone”. Suzi: “This is my personal mantra. All you have in this world is you.” Remembering the conception of the number, she says: “We were busy as hell, buried in the songs. Richard had a new idea and showed me. It was very unusual and I liked it. A very basic guitar and drum track was put down for me to work on the melody and lyric. I went into the living area of the studio and about 15 minutes later, it was done. It flew out of its own accord, as the best songs do.”

01. No Soul/No Control
02. Going Home
03. Strings
04. Love Isn't Fair
05. Macho Man
06 .Easy Pickings
07. Bass Line
08. Don't Do Me Wrong
09. Heavy Duty
10. I Can Teach You To Fly
11 Going Down Blues

Side A
01. No Soul/No Control
02. Going Home
03. Strings

Side B
01. Love Isn't Fair
02. Macho Man
03. Easy Pickings

LP 2
Side A
01. Bass Line
02. Don't Do Me Wrong
03. Heavy Duty

Side B
01. I Can Teach You To Fly
02. Going Down Blues
03. Heart On The Line (bonus track)
04. Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat (bonus track)

Pressing Information

- standard CD in digipak
- 2 LP´s in gatefold (yellow with black swirls), standard CD in in paper sleeve, two bonus tracks

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