Leather - We Are The Chosen (LP + Shirt "Chosen" Bundle)

Release date: 25.11.2022

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LP "We Are The Chosen" + T-Shirt "Chosen", printed on Gildan Softstyle.

WE ARE THE CHOSEN features her first solo songs since LEATHER II (2018), highlighting the amazing energy which has allowed her to break free from the oppressive situation of the past two years. Leone remembers: “Things had been going really well for me just before the Lockdown started, but with the arrival of Covid, all my touring plans had to be shelved and things were threatening to go down the drain. But my friend and guitarist Vinnie Tex was totally right in saying: ‘Now more than ever! We’ll do everything ourselves!’ The very first number we composed for the new record was ‘We Take Back Control’, which pointed the direction for the rest of the album.”

LP Version
Side 1
1. We Take Back Control 4:49
2. Always Been Evil 4:06
3. Shadows 4:08
4. Off With Your Head 5:17
5. We Are The Chosen 5:27
Side 2
1. Tyrants 4:29
2. Hallowed Ground 6:56
3. Dark Days 3:41
4. Who Rules The World 5:09
5. The Glory In The End 3:26

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- LP + Shirt in S, M, L, XL or XXL

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